Warscroll: Cado Ezechiar & Drekki Flynt

Cado Ezechiar

Cado Ezechiar & Drekki Flynt from the Black Library

Known to some as the Hollow King, Cado Ezechiar is a wandering Soulblight vampire who hungers for the most delicious dish of all – revenge. He can only satiate this ravenous craving by slaying the Burning Hand – the sorceress of the Change God who destroyed his kingdom and his family. Fortunately, some of those he’s lost are still with him – bound as ghosts to his haunted rings.

If Cado Ezechiar is the sullen anti-hero on a dark quest, then Drekki Flynt is his opposite – a rambunctious rogue with a love for treasure and trickery… and a heart of gold. When he steps into a tavern, half of the punters are star-struck by tales of his derring-do – while the other half mutter about debts and sharpen their knives.